Academic Portfolio

Queens University BelfastQueen's University logo
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Professor Brian FalzonHead of School
Professor Roy DouglasInternal combustion engines, after treatment, engine waste heat recovery
Dr Adrian MurphyDirector of Research – Aerospace & Manufacturing
Professor Brian FalzonComposites for light-weighting transport vehicles
Dr Joe ButterfieldPolymer, Polymer based composites, Process Development
Dr Eoin CunninghamIndustrial material reuse
Dr Aoife FoleyEnergy systems, energy storage, electric vehicles
Dr Robert KeeVehicle simulation, Hybrid vehicle technology
Dr Geoffrey McCulloughEngine waste heat recovery, emissions reduction, after treatment
Dr Elaheh GhassemiehComposite processing, mechanical modelling of composites
Dr Beatrice SmythBiomass, biogas and biofuels
Dr Danielle SobanBuilding energy efficiency modelling
Dr Stephen GloverWaste heat recovery systems, biofuels
School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Professor Steven BellHead of School
Professor David RooneyCatalysis for efficient industrial processes. Anaerobic digestion processes.
Dr Alexandre GoguetCatalysis for vehicle exhaust treatment
Dr Pamela WalshAlgae based biodiesel
Dr Gary N. SheldrakeProcessing of biomass and biofuels
Dr Robin CurryCarbon accounting. Life cycle analysis.
Dr Andrew DohertyIonic liquids for electrolytes in redox flow batteries.
School of Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering (SPACE)
Professor Greg KeeffeHead of School
Professor Geraint EllisSustainable spatial planning. Marine spatial planning.
Professor Trevor WhittakerWave energy conversion devices. Tidal turbines.
Dr Shane DonohueGeo-technics of marine foundations (e.g. off-shore wind)
Dr Carwyn FrostMarine and environmental modelling. Tidal Energy.
Dr Sree NanukuttannBuilding energy efficiency
Dr Matt FoleyWave surge energy converters
Professor Sue TaylorSustainable built infrastructure
Professor Marios SoustosSustainable building materials
Dr Gerry HamillMaritime and coast engineering
Dr Rory DohertyMicrobial fuel cells, sustainable remediation
Dr Ulrich OfterdingerHydrology and hydrogephysics
School of Biological Sciences
Professor Geoff McMullanHead of School
Dr Chris AllenIndustrial bio-technology. Bio fuels.
Dr Leonid KulakovIndustrial bio-technology. Bio fuels.
Dr Alberto LongoResource economics. Land use for biofuels.
Dr John McGrathMicrobial processes for industrial processes.
School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EPIC Cluster)
Professor Sean McLooneEnergy, Power and Intelligent Control research cluster.
Dr Tim LittlerPower systems engineering and instrumentation. Smart grid.
Dr Robert BestIntegration of renewable in power system.
Professor John MorrowPower systems engineering and instrumentation. Smart grid.
Professor Kang LiIntelligent energy saving. Renewables integration.
David LavertyIntegration of renewables and electric vehicles.
Dr Michael McLaughlinRFID control of building lighting.
Mr Gavin McWilliamsSecurity of power systems and the smart grid.
The University of UlsterUniversity of Ulster logo
Jordanstown Campus – School of the Built Environment
Professor Neil HewittHeat Pumps & Demand Side Management, energy efficiency
Professor Yigsaw YohanisSolar Energy, Ground Thermal Storage, End-User aspects
Dr Phillip GriffithsEnergy Storage, Thermal Storage, Building Physics
Dr Mervyn SmythSolar energy (PV and thermal), Anaerobic digestion
Dr Ye HuangCarbon capture and storage, process modelling, market modelling
Dr Trevor HydeAdvanced glazing and construction elements
Dr Ming HuangThermal storage and heat pumps, PV
Dr Aggelos ZacharopoulosPV and Solar Thermal
Mr Mark AndersonBiomass, Bioenergy and energy management, instrumentation
D Jayanta MondolPV, Solar thermal, building facades
Dr Panagiota PimenidouFuel cells, Hydrogen, biofuels
Dr Catriona BrandoniMicrogeneration, hydro
Dr David McIlveen-WrightBiomass, Bioenergy, techno-economic modelling
Coleraine Campus – School of Environmental Studies
Dr Rory QuinnCentre for Maritime Archaeology
Professor Adrian MooreHead of School of Environmental Studies
Dr Ruth PletsMarine geology
Ms Claire GuyerSustainable development, urban agriculture, sustainable cities
Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute (AFBI)AFBI logo
Professor Shekhar SharmaPlant sciences, nano-cellulose, pelletisation
Dr Gary LyonsPlant sciences, nano-cellulose, pelletisation
Dr Colin McRobertsPlant sciences, nano-cellulose, pelletisation, chemical analyses
Mr Chris JohnstonBiomass, Energy crops, Bioremediation and biomass combustion
Professor Alistair McCrackenBiomass, Energy crops, Bioremediation
Dr Matt ServiceAquatic marine environment, surveys, seabed mapping
Dr Adam MellorAquatic marine environment, surveys, seabed mapping
Dr Peter FrostAnaerobic Digestion